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Nickie Nougaisse is the founder and CEO of Curls Dynasty. A few years ago, Nickie got seriously mad at her hair, the chemicals burns from years of chemical processing, the excessive thinning, and breaking, whew! She decided to put health first and stopped getting her relaxer touch ups and transitioning back to her natural hair texture. In the process, Nickie quickly became a tutorial and product junkie, but was continuously disappointed by the products that filled her cabinets. Taking matters into her own hands, she soon began mixing her own products in her kitchen and immediately experienced positive results.

Innovate, Strategize, And Build 

Excited and passionate about her new discoveries, Nickie found herself constantly giving tips and providing encouragement to others on their own healthy hair journeys. She has since been sharing her collection of high quality hair care products with naturals globally, changing the world one curl at a time!

Nickie and Curls Dynasty has been featured in prestigious national publications such as Yahoo, Marie Claire, Allure, Essence, Elle and so many more.

Now she wants to share the knowledge she gained on her journey from the kitchen with just a few dollars, to Big Box retailers and 7-figures with others looking to get started.

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